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Fern “Boston” Hanging Basket 10 inch


Boston ferns are tried &-true houseplants that add character to your favorite indoor or outdoor space. Easy to grow indoors, thriving in medium to bright light, average to above-average humidity, & enough watering to keep the potting mix moist. When outdoors place in full shade or filtered light, water frequently to keep soil moist especially during hot summer days. Perfect planted in shady spots in landscapes, hanging from your porch, or displayed in your home!

  • USDA zones 9-11
  • Mature size 24 inches W x 24 inches H
  • Light needs- medium to bright light
  • Used in containers, landscapes, and as accents
  • Recommended spacing 24 inches
  • Average shipping height – 12-18 inches
  • Botanical name – Nephrolepis exaltata
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Palm, Robellini


This Robellini Palm Tree, also known as Pygmy Date Palm Tree, is a dwarf palm tree that presents long bushy, rich green fronds. Robellini Palms will grow to be between only 6-12 feet tall but their long leaves can give them a width of up to 10 feet across, making these “small” palm trees quite dense and dynamic. This type of palm grows dainty flowers that quickly turn into small black dates that fade to a deep red color. Like other palms, Robellini Palms like well-drained soil on the drier side and make sure to give your Robellini plenty of sun and shade. Robellini Palm Trees thrive in group planting or in containers, especially due to the mobility of potted plants. Fertilize twice a year to promote best growth habits. Perfect in containers or in landscapes!

  • USDA zones 9-11
  • Mature Size- 6-12 feet H and 6-10 feet W
  • Recommended Spacing – 72 inches
  • Uses- Specimen Plant, Accent Plant, Container Plant, Patio/Porch Plant, Indoor Plant, Focal Plant, Bordering/Framing
  • Light Needs- Partial Sun (4-6 hours of indirect sun)
  • Average shipping height- 10″ container 32-36 inches, and 14″ container 42-44 inches
  • Plants are trimmed at times when shipped to promote plant health
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Spider Plant 10″ Hanging Basket


Spider Plants have vine trailing variegated green and creamy white needle shaped foliage. It is known for its ability to clean and purify the air and one of the easiest house plants to grow! Spider Plants do well in a wide variety of light conditions and are therefore an excellent option for even low-light homes!

  • USDA zones 9-11
  • Mature Size- 24 inches Wide x 24-36 inches Long
  • Light needs- any light
  • Houseplant
  • Average shipping height 10-12 inches
  • Low maintenance
  • Botanical name- Chlorophytum comosum