Celosia Dragons Breath Annual 2.5 quart


Dragon’s Breath celosia is hot. This exciting new addition to any garden or landscape boasts unique maroon-red foliage and blazing-red, long-lasting plumes of color. Dragon’s Breath makes a striking addition to containers, gardens and landscapes. It pairs extremely well as a centerpiece in mixed containers or as a dramatic wave of color in the landscape!

  • USDA zones 8-10
  • Mature size 24 inches H and 16 inches W
  • Full sun to part shade; blooms spring through fall
  • Used in containers, landscapes, and as accents
  • Recommended spacing 16 inches
  • Average shipping height 8-12 inches
  • Botanical name – Celosia Plumose
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  • Plant in well-drained soil rich in organic matter, such as well-decomposed compost.
  • Incorporate a slow release fertilizer at 1/2 the label rates into the soil when you plant
  • An alternative way to fertilize is to apply water-soluble fertilizer at 1/3 the label rates, as needed; do not over fertilize.
  • Plant in full sun or part shade
  • Mulch if desired to help retain soil moisture, water if under severe drought conditions.
  • Water until when daily until established


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